Lucky BTC Casino is a bespoke provably fair online gambling service for Bitcoin. Launched in February 2015, it is one of the newest casinos on the market, and already has a selection of games spanning all the most popular casino-type formats. All games are guaranteed unbiased and able to be verified by players themselves.

Lucky BTC Casino works via an established model of account-based play, from which users have full access to games, settings and the casino’s extensive support features. A simple sign-up process is all that’s needed to be completed in order for account to be created.

Lucky BTC operates via a credits system, where 1BTC = 1000 credits. These are purchased via, whereby the user deposits BTC and credits then become available in their account balance. Credits may then be used in any of the casino’s 17 games (as of March 2015), with more being added regularly.

Users are able to verify that the games are entirely impartially created at any time; the casino website contains extensive information on how its provably fair policy applies to its games, and can be accessed here.

Lucky BTC Casino

A major advantage of Lucky BTC lies in the efficiency of its cash out feature. Transactions are aimed to be processed within as little as 30 minutes.

Should anything be unclear or other queries arise, Lucky BTC operates an integrated support feature via a ticket submission system. General information can be found using both the FAQ feature and the casino’s blog, which contains more detailed information aimed at consumers and affiliates.

Lucky BTC Casino was created based on the concept of complete transparency of play. Full details of its provably fair policy are readily available, and unlike many industry competitors, explanations are given as to how the policy applies to specific types of game.

The website itself has been designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind, and is simple to use, with support and account facilities always within easy reach. A blog feature provides updates as well as explanatory information for issues such as account funding, gameplay and becoming an affiliate. 

Lucky BTC Casino was founded by CEO Luke Abbott in February 2015. The service now incorporates a moderate team of both developers and support staff and is growing rapidly to incorporate more material and greater functionality for a growing customer base. 

Lucky BTC operates with 96.64% payout odds on average over the whole site. Withdrawal fees are at present covered by the house.
Affiliates earn 30% of the revenue of players they bring to Lucky BTC.

Cointelegraph reached out to Lucky BTC CEO Luke Abbott for more information on the project and where it could be heading in future.

Cointelegraph: What inspired you to enter the Bitcoin gambling market and start Lucky BTC Casino?

Luke Abbott: Being a fan of gambling and Bitcoin it made perfect sense for me to start a bitcoin casino. After spending hours on other gambling sites getting feed up with bad odds and poor support, I decided to make a site with a difference a friendly and honest site!

CT: Can you tell us about the main hurdles you've had to overcome to make Lucky BTC a success? Were there any surprises along the way?

LA: The main problem we found was getting cooperation from banks as some developers did not accept Bitcoin as a payment. Now we try to only work with people that accept Bitcoin and we only hold Bitcoin to cut out the banks all together!

CT: The Bitcoin casino industry has expanded at such a rate that it is difficult for consumers to be aware of the options. How do you ensure Lucky BTC stands out from the crowd? What kind of consumer are you aiming to attract?

LA: The Bitcoin community is very vocal so we believe in word of mouth if one player has a great experience he will tell his friends and so on. At the moment about 35% of our traffic is direct word of mouth and that is growing.  We also believe in working with other Bitcoin publishers to get the word out!  

CT: Something any consumer is looking for is security of play, as well as fairness and reliability. What is Lucky BTC doing to ensure the service and its reputation are not compromised by hackers or other threats?

LA: Security is a big threat to any website that holds Bitcoins so we decided not to hold any Bitcoins on the site so we used a Credit system on the site and a third party processor. The coins then move to cold storage and a small percentage stay in a hot wallet to process daily withdrawals.   

CT: Are there any future projects and innovations you're particularly excited about sharing?

LA: We are currently planning on launching some HTML-5 games for mobile and tables this will give players even more options to play our games!