Personal Details


Luke Dashjr, Central Florida


Professional experience and achievement



Developer, Bitcoin Core; founder, Eligius Mining Pool; lead developer, BFGMiner.


Before Bitcoin, I have been involved in the development of many different peer-to-peer and free software projects. Bitcoin has allowed a new area of excitement and challenge for me to which I believe I bring a unique set of skills, knowledge and experience as a developer. My passion for Bitcoin's long term sustainability and continued interest in developing widely used software connect me with the community for what I believe will be the long and prosperous road ahead of us. I've been researching and exploring Bitcoin for over 3 years, and have taken an immediate interest to it and its expansive uses.



What is your role in the Bitcoin community?



Luke Dashjr is or has been involved in the following:

bitcoind and Bitcoin-Qt, Spesmilo, Pay-to-script-hash, Eligius mining pool, Eloipool, getblocktemplate, BFGMiner, and Bitcoin Magazine.

He also has helped companies build mining hardware, has conducted cryptocurrency research and maintains an IRC channel that publishes real-time Bitcoin statistics.