Make your own survival kit with Bitcoin
Do you like camping, climbing, hiking or any other activities outdoors? Well, with summer on the horizon in the northern hemisphere now is the time to get ready to enjoy the great outdoors. 

However, are you prepared when something goes wrong? Outdoor safety experts recommend that you should be able to survive up to 72 hours in case of emergencies such as serious injuries, bad weather, or getting lost. 

The Wisdom Survival Kits company was founded in 2012 by “the vision of helping people prepare for the worst so that they can live their best”. It is a small retail business looking to cater to environmental needs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Be Prepared 

Wisdom Survival is designed to help people prepare an emergency kit, starting with most important items, such as food, water and a battery operated or wind-up flashlight and organize it so it’s easy to find. 

A wide range of survival kits are available on the shop’s web-site. You can find a range of first-aid kits, special automotive emergency kits, books, survival tools, gears and gadgets for safe travelling. 

You can even build your own survival kit and customize it with items like water and food, knife, matches, personal hygiene, sleeping bag or tent and other things that you think would be useful in case of an unexpected scenario or customize the Wisdom branded kits. 

“We are an authorized dealer for Berkey as well as Katadyn; we carry the full lines of these brands even if they are not already listed, feel free to email us and we will list an item for your purchase.” 

Support for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrenices 

In early 2013 Wisdom Survival began accepting Bitcoin payment via Bitpay on the website. Furthermore, they are improving the whole payment system and to allow other crypto-currencies: 

“Although not implemented, we are also open to accepting other crypto-currencies as payment, please contact us to see if we can make it happen!” 

The company is based in Canada and work mostly for North America regions, but they also have an international shipping service. 

Yes, the Apocalypse hasn’t come yet but the idea of opening special store where you can buy everything you need to survive in unexpected situation is both remarkable and essential.

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