This is a man’s world! But it’s become muchdifficult day by day. To help them along enthusiasts make their own podcastsand shows to help men in everyday life.

Man School Show with Caleb Bacon is “life from men who havelived it”.

The show was launched in February, 2013 byAmerican television writer Caleb Bacon as his weekly podcast. In it heinterviews men who share their life experience and describe how they manage it.

Some of the recent guests on Man School Showwith Caleb Bacon were legendary writer James Ellroy, American show creator Jesse Thorn and many more. All interviews areavailable to listen on Man School Show official website.

 “Thepodcast is dedicated to men’s interesting, exciting, and difficult personalexperiences. It’s information, inspiration, and a good time.”

Though, even Justin Bieber could listen to it sometimes.

As for today, Man School Show has a lot oflisteners and followers. Some of them asked if they could make donations to ManSchool using Bitcoin. This has recently become possible. The address fordonations is: 1D5AYUEYovfu6iLHt2WNgHsGTmC8txF5JL, while you may also use a QRcode on the donation page.