Meet the Titan Bitcoin
Today digital currency strives to become valuable and trusted just like any mainstream fiat currency. However, some people still doubt currency they cannot “see and feel”. That is also why physical minted coins are so popular. 

For everyone who prefers to have physical or collectable coin Titan Bitcoin would be a great gift and excellent investment. 

The first physical, minted crypto-coins were the famous Casascius coins. These coins were both popular within bitcoin users and collector. 

The idea of Titan Bitcoins seems to be quite similar but at the same time – much more elegant. 

Safe And Elegant 

Each Titan Bitcoin is a physical coin with a digital currency attached to it. This is particularly interesting for those who want to get Bitcoin but doesn’t want to install any software. 

In another words, Titan bitcoins are also cold storage. The greatest opportunities of any cold storage is that it is especially protected – it is simply impossible for internet criminals to steal the digital currency attached to it, because it is not even connected to the internet. 

Furthermore, developers assure that: “If any customer of ours ever loses money because of a security breach in our system, we will refund 110% of their loss.” 

When the project of Titan Bitcoin production was launched last year Tim Fillmore, CEO of the Titan Mint explained: 

“As an ardent supporter of bitcoins, I was frustrated by how difficult it was to communicate the value of this new digital currency to those who hadn’t heard of it before. On one occasion though, I happened to hand a physical bitcoin to the person I was talking to as a conversation piece. Right then I realized, almost by accident, that holding a physical bitcoin brought clarity and understanding to the otherwise abstract and difficult to grasp concepts that make bitcoins so revolutionary. By giving them form as a beautiful and desirable coin, we’re wordlessly communicating the elegance of bitcoins as currency. People are hungry to know more when they have a Titan Bitcoin in their hand.” 

Spending Bitcoin 

Titan Bitcoin is not just a beautiful coin, you can use its Bitcoin value anywhere you like and at any time. Each coin features a one-time use redemption code that allows you to transfer the coin’s value and only the coin’s owner can redeem the coin’s value. 

The developers say: “Each coin is securely registered to an email address and password. If you ever want to spend or transfer the coin’s bitcoin value, simply peel back the coin’s security hologram and enter the redemption code on our website.” 

So, if you decide to spend the Titan Bitcoin’s value you will still have coin itself as a collectible. And the greatest news in this case is that coins are struck in precious metal. 

Limited Editions 

Every year the Titan Mint is going to release limited editions of different Titan Bitcoins. The design of coins is unique and is hand-sculpted by world-class artisans. 

At the moment of writing each customer may choose one of the following coins: Titan Bitcoin Goldine or Silver of 1 BTC, Titan Half Goldine or Silver of 0.5 BTC, or Titan Teeth of 0.1 BTC made from Nickel-Silver alloy. Silver Titan bitcoins are minted using one ounce of 99.9% pure silver, while Goldine Titan Bitcoin contains Cupro-nickel alloy 230. It is worth mentioning, that developers are working on the 1 oz gold versions, which will be available soon. 

Titan Bitcoins are designed and minted in US. Each coin is shipped from La Habra, California, near Los Angeles. The Titan Mint also ships products internationally. But the customer must know that certain locations have restrictive policies of international shipping. 

To find out more visit Titan Mint website.

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