The metaverse is becoming a reality — with virtual worlds set to transform the way we play games and socialize.

And digital assets are already playing a starring role in these blockchain-enabled platforms, with designer clothes for avatars and virtual plots of land just some of the use cases that have emerged.

But challenges lie ahead, and metaverses will require peer-to-peer economics that only decentralized finance can actualize. Now, a MetaFi development company says it has the tools to make metaverse apps relevant and valuable to everyday users.

Antier Solutions already has extensive experience in building a wide range of applications for the metaverse — including marketplaces, gaming environments, and real estate properties. The company also has a deep background in developing exchanges and crypto banks, as well as DeFi platforms.

The business argues that cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, nonfungible tokens, DAOs and DeFi are now being regarded as building blocks for a reliable, integrated metaverse ecosystem. Executives claim that a resilient financial underpinning is required to ensure transactions are secure, seamless and interoperable.

According to Antier Solutions, its blockchain consulting firm was one of the earliest entrants in the industry — empowering global enterprises in embracing decentralization over blockchain while ensuring transparency through smart contracts. The company's extensive portfolio is a testimony of their skilled resource pool including blockchain engineers, finance analysts, gaming developers, artists and virtual reality app developers.

This wealth of expertise and knowhow can be invaluable. For businesses looking to explore what the metaverse has to offer, the complexity associated with development can be a high barrier to entry without some external assistance.

Experience that runs deep

The company now has a strong track record of building layer-1 and layer-2 applications on more than 20 blockchains. DeFi plays a big role here — and Antier's portfolio includes lending and borrowing protocols, staking mechanisms, yield farming platforms and a plethora of crypto banking solutions.

Antier Solutions is bullish on the space — and says the actual use cases of MetaFi are unlimited. It offers an end-to-end solution where marketplaces for NFTs can be established, ensuring precious digital assets can be traded securely. Smart contract audits are also available — and the company can also assist with the development of platforms that deliver immersive gameplay with rare digital assets, including characters, tickets, superpowers, skins and weapons for upgrades. 

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Cognizance in the metaverse 

Since its inception, the team has achieved cognizance in the metaverse and decentralized autonomous organizations in a short span. The team has grown from over 150 to over 500 professionals, establishing three new offices.

Looking ahead to the next year, Antier Solutions aims to expand its global footprint in blockchain to more sectors and geographies. Although the team has more than doubled, they aim to double again, with aspirations for a headcount of more than 1,000 in the next year.

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