With the help of MiiCard people now can buy bitcoins within 15 minutes. MiiCard is a vertification service. Recently it takes just a couple of days to register and become a verified identity member. Users have to scan in an item of ID photo, plus a bill displaying their current address. It`s sufficiently simplify the way that people can be involved with digital currency, because they are free of going through whole registration system.

The only information you have to provide during miiCard`s registration is your name, email address and date of birth, after finishing the registration you have to mention the bank you`re using and banking details. Since you have passed through account registration, it`s easy to start using your miiCard including btcQuick and Bittylicious.

MiiCard CEO James Varga confirms in her state that the procedure of registration is completely safe for card`s users and all the information is highly protected, taking into consideration privacy methods.

“Since we realize the difficulties people face when trying to sign up for financial products, we started to develop our own finance management solution. If you’re being told to invest in something or consolidate your debts with a particular loan, what you really want is to be able to get on and do that straight away, but you can’t because there’s a lack of online identity verification. MiiCard was created to address this problem, to “tick that box to confirm you are who you say you are,” – explained James Varga.

Buying bitcoins

The founder of Bittylicious (UK-based company) Marc Warne assures that their company is permanently doing market research, looking for the best solutions in order to provide most easier ways for their customers to buy bitcoins. In order to sell large amounts of bitcoins to users, the company needs to know more about them, and this is where miiCard comes in. Warne explained: “We had effective communication with developers on the miiCard side to see where both our businesses could work together. It was clear that we were dealing with a brilliant team there so we were sold from the get go”.

“MiiCard is a brilliant instrument, which allows us to verify an individual and also offer them our highest membership level – the highest level that can be reached via verification methods. Typically with miiCard, a user can register, link their miiCard account, and be able to buy bitcoins in less than 15 minutes,” shares his impression the CEO of Colorado-based btcQuick Jerrod Bunce.

From now MiiCard is represented in 10 countries: France, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, India, Australia, South Africa, Canada, the UK and the US. Meanwhile, the company is looking for new ways to expand further.