People have a lot of different unusual hobbies. Some of prefer extreme sports, music writing, colorful needlework or collecting extraordinary things. One very specific hobby, meanwhile, is now available for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

For those who enjoy building small models of cars, planes, helicopters, boats and other mini vehicles (with remote control or without) we have good news.

Bitcoin users with such a hobby would be happy to hear that now they can buy new models, improve their old ones andexpand their collections with, an online retailer based in France, that has a wide range of remote control planes, cars and other vehicles, model making, controllers, batteries etc.

The variety on offer at MiniPlanes is impressive – and available for purchase in bitcoins, as last year had already announced that they are ready to accept Bitcoin payments.

In fact, Miniplanes was one of the first French companies that figured out the benefits and opportunities offered by cryptocurrency.

To pay with Bitcoin clients have to choose “Bitcoin” as a payment method, which is offered during step four of the order placement process. They are then redirected to a Bitcoin payment page with price shown in BTC and where a QR code is displayed (you scan it with smartphone.) Transfer the required amount of currency and finish your order.