Mt.Gox has presented the necessary documentation to Tokyo’s police to help with the investigation of the colossal Bitcoin loss on behalf of the exchange. Mt.Gox has already recovered almost 200,000 Bitcoins from a forgotten wallet. But how much more is out there?



Walking through a mine field


Here is what the famous (or infamous) Mark Karpeles had to say:

“Following its application for commencement of civil rehabilitation, MtGox Co., Ltd. consulted with the metropolitan police department with regard to the disappearance of bitcoins which is one of the causes for said application. MtGox Co., Ltd. hereby announces that it has submitted necessary electronic records and other related documents.

MtGox Co., Ltd. intends to fully cooperate with each competent authority. Further, MtGox Co., Ltd. continues to make efforts to clarify facts as quickly as possible and to recover from damages.”

The curious thing about this supposedly genuine statement is that it bares no exceptional information on whether Mark willfully cooperated with police or was forced to do it. The police has not shed any light on the story as well and there is little hope that it will.



Whispers on the net

To rephrase a a popular quote known to all Game of Thrones fans: “The Net is dark and full of gossip.”  And gossip is especially titillating in times of turmoil. For example, a tweet from Eren Canarsian mentioned that 670,000 BTC were found.

Take into account that Eren's previous tweets from the 4th and 5th of March were also full of promise, speaking on a mysterious insider from Blockchain and giving a nod to Mark Karpeles, the former tweet appears to be yet another case of impudent trolling.

Nevertheless, the community started to believe in the prophetic powers of Eren after news broke out that a third of the lost BTC was found. I still regard the two events as highly coincidental, but who knows, perhaps the Turkish banker really does possess some exceptional information.