Swiss winery Cave In Bec has been holding its art & wine event, myFINBEC, for a few years now, and Bitcoin users are able to get in on this cool project.

Here is how myFINBEC works: Artists from across Europe come to Switzerland to collaborate and create eight different murals on a stack of 672 wooden wine cases. The winery will later use the artwork on its bottles.

When the murals are finished, the whole thing will be disassembled, each box will be filled with six wine bottles, and off they’ll go.

This year, the project’s third, is noteworthy for us because it is the first year customers will be able to purchase the artwork/ wine with Bitcoin.

Going abroad

The winery then plans to head across Europe this summer to different art galleries in all the big cities. There, customers will be able to buy a painted case of wine, or even a single bottle. And Bitcoin will be accepted during the European tour.

“All too often the work of painters is beyond the reach of most people, and myFINBEC makes it more affordable to have the chance to have a piece of original art in your home suitable for framing,” the project’s site reads. “It's all about sharing.”

You can check out the murals from previous years here.