Nakamoto and Rogan: It was a feel good Tuesday, courtesy of Andreas Antonopoulos

Blockchain Chief Security Officer and the Hardest WorkingMan in Cryptocurrencies Andreas Antonopoulos put together a couple of eventsTuesday that will restore the faith among even the most jaded Bitcoin users.

The Dorian NakamotoVideo

First, he met with Dorian Nakamoto to deliver the a bigbitcoin donation. More than 2,000 people chipped bitcoins into a wallet forNakamoto after it became clear he was not the currency’s creator, but a quietman who just wanted to be left alone. At the time of writing, that wallet hasjust more than 49 BTC in it.

Nakamoto recorded a video to express his thanks.

The Joe RoganExperience

Also on Tuesday, Antonopoulos did a live podcast with JoeRogan, who has proved on two occasions now to be the perfect set-up man forAntonopoulos’ stories, ideas and analyses.

The video of that conversation can be found here. Below are some highlights if you don’thave the full two-plus hours to listen:

On Mt. Gox

Rogan contrasted the situation with Mark Karpeles to themanhunt that followed the Securitas bank heist in Kent, UK, in 2006, which wasorchestrated by MMA fighter Lee Murray.

“There was a[expletive] manhunt,” to find Murray Rogan said. He was later found in Morocco.“It was all over newspapers in the UK. It was everywhere. … And it seems to melike the amount of money that was stolen in Mt. Gox is commensurate to this.”