Blockchain Chief Security Officer and the Hardest Working Man in Cryptocurrencies Andreas Antonopoulos put together a couple of events Tuesday that will restore the faith among even the most jaded Bitcoin users.



The Dorian Nakamoto Video




First, he met with Dorian Nakamoto to deliver the a big bitcoin donation. More than 2,000 people chipped bitcoins into a wallet for Nakamoto after it became clear he was not the currency’s creator, but a quiet man who just wanted to be left alone. At the time of writing, that wallet has just more than 49 BTC in it.




Nakamoto recorded a video to express his thanks.

The Joe Rogan Experience



Also on Tuesday, Antonopoulos did a live podcast with Joe Rogan, who has proved on two occasions now to be the perfect set-up man for Antonopoulos’ stories, ideas and analyses.




The video of that conversation can be found here. Below are some highlights if you don’t have the full two-plus hours to listen:




On Mt. Gox




Rogan contrasted the situation with Mark Karpeles to the manhunt that followed the Securitas bank heist in Kent, UK, in 2006, which was orchestrated by MMA fighter Lee Murray.




“There was a [expletive] manhunt,” to find Murray Rogan said. He was later found in Morocco. “It was all over newspapers in the UK. It was everywhere. … And it seems to me like the amount of money that was stolen in Mt. Gox is commensurate to this.”