Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have already taken over the world of art, blockchain gaming and collectibles. Now, with the technology continuing to mature, NFTs are able to take these opportunities one step further, building entire communities that inspire education, social interaction and other long-lasting benefits. Therefore, as users seek out the world of NFTs, they have come to expect more than a digital asset; they are looking for a palace where they can be truly involved with the people around them, gaining a sense of belonging.

It is important to note that this concept is not new or original to NFTs. Other well-known organizations have built on this concept with Nike’s encouragement of a community to “just do it” and Patagonia, bringing together people who want to reinvest in their home planet. The expectation that a purchase can give the owner access to a new group, one with an essence of exclusivity, elicits FOMO, as people realize there is little worse than being on the outside looking in. For these reasons, it only makes sense that NFT collections start embracing the human need for belonging within their collections.

Among these community builders is SharkCat, a project issuing in a new era for NFTs that combines the likes of Shark and Cat in a new world. The sharp contrast exists due to sharks being at the top of the food chain and cats being cute enough humans have essentially become slaves to them.

This leaves the world with the question if cats and sharks had descendants, would they be creatures humans would love? By holding a piece of this NFT collection, users can experience a brand new world filled with items, SharkCativities and a community of like-minded individuals.

Their team explains their intentions best, stating, 

“SharkCat sounds different from other NFT products. We turn our product into sequences to keep up with global digital challenges. It’s a planet where you are free to meet, enjoy and play with SharkCat on various platforms. We are creating a new page in the universe for everyone.”

SharkCat has indicated that its goal moving forward is to create a social community on the SharkCat Planet that will be both strong and sustainable. 

Where shark meets cat

The story of the SharkCat began following a disaster on the Earth planet, where many lives have been put apart. It was in these moments of disparity that a revolution began, and a new species, the SharkCat, was born. As a Shark-Cat combination in human form, these NFTs have taken to a new planet to start their journey. In this world, their greatest battle begins with surviving, an endeavor only possible by growing their community.

To further extend the functionality and story behind their NFTs, SharkCat has plans in the works to create a series of comic books and animations featuring the SharkCat Planet. SharkCat land has also been purchased on Sandbox, with plans to create their SharkCat Planet simulation game, a world that will launch in early 2022. The community built around SharkCat further proves that the project is more than a standard NFT sale; it is an entire universe for players to have fun, learn and interact.

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With many advancements up ahead, those interested in becoming a SharkCat citizen can join with 1 of 9,900 characters available in the NFT uprising on OpenSea. As a citizen, SharkCat crews become a part of 6,000 different communities with exclusive access to challenges, special events and other in-game utilities.

Becoming a part of something bigger

SharkCat continues to operate with the social community at its core, seeing success in their community on Discord reaching 13,600 members and their community on Twitter, reaching over 23,400. Although the team has assured the community, this is not enough. Several events, including airdrops and entertainment opportunities, will follow as SharkCat Planet moves into the next universe phase. In alignment with these goals, the team has announced a mint date for Dec. 5 on SharkCat’s official website.

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