Still unsure whether You need to enter a crypto currency community. There are no new ideas, no possible horizons can be opened, the profit is already gained by the ones who were at the start of the initiative? Maybe, You are right. But what about a new, more modern and safe coin easy to use?

The developers of the new crypto currency named the Goldcoin aim to find solutions for problems of the Bitcoin and to become a really strong competitor for the existing digital money forms. First of all the coin was developed in the middle of the 2013, but the velocity of progress seems to be the fastest ever. The developers have already brought to the market and Android Application; it can be obtained in Google Play since November. It allows performing any kind of transactions with Golcoins or shortly the GLD with the available smartphone. Still an app should be also offered to the iOS users, which are also a very valuable part of the society and potential customers. Now the work of the inventors considers the widening of the sphere of the coin – more and more services and exchanges on the web are ready to trade Goldcoins and to offer them to the users.

Bitcoin recently has suffered many attacks – wallets have been robbed, Silk Road has collapsed, but new black markets have arisen. It is the right time to start something new, but without the previous mistakes. The protocol of the new coin is coded, so the attacks on it cannot succeed. The transaction network of the new currency can be taken over by any hacker. This already gave the first result – many coins are traded every day.

The currency has no owner or limiter. Only some rules of establishing it. We will return to them further. The holder of the forum about Goldcoin, the nicknamed MircoGuy Greg Matthews insists that the coin will be able to revolutionize the worl of crypto currency. He sees that it has a positive image. Gold is pleasant word many are pleased to hear. China is a big attractive market as well. Gold as a color means wealth and health for the Chinese people. The overall interest in crypto coins leads Chinese investors to Goldcoin as well.

Currently the developers have offered to the users of their forum a paper wallet to test it. It should be thieve strong and offer security to the fund of the users.

As there is no page about the new coin more information can be sought on the corresponding forums. Generally Goldcoins features are following: it can be mined only for hundred year, everything considering mining will finish in 2113; the maximal amount is equal to 123423900 coins; the transaction speed is higher in comparison with deals with other similar coins; the coin can be mined with the power of the GPU of a machine; already can be purchased on the web; has currently a very law price of 0,0097 dollars; the price limit is equal to 275000 dollars and cannot be exceeded.