The mononymous reporter Howard at The Daily Doge is reporting that Dogechain’s new, secure onlinewallet could go live in a week or two.

For readers more familiar with Bitcoin, Dogechain is theanalogue to Bitcoin’s It features a similar blockchainexplorer, and now it’s developing an online wallet that’s security features.

The new Dogecoin online wallet will not have access to itsusers’ private keys, and thus it will be able to afford the convenience of anonline wallet but with a much stronger degree of security. Users will simplygenerate private keys locally in their browsers. creator announced as much in March on the /r/dogecoinsubreddit, but it seems as if development time has been slower thananticipated.

The wallet’s landing page is ready to go, where two notessimply read “Coming Soon” where logins and signups will be.

In addition, Dogechain hopes to roll out a paper-walletredemption feature soon. This will allow Dogecoin users to simply sweep theirwallets in their browsers with a single click, rather than having to manuallyimport funds into a wallet, as users must currently do.

Dogechain is currently trying to crowdfund these and otherdevelopments. At the time of writing, they are 43% of the way toward their goalof 10 million DOGE. Anyone who would like to chip in some DOGE to support thewallet’s development can donate here. (Or directly to the address: DTnt7VZqR5ofHhAxZuDy4m3PhSjKFXpw3e)



An earlier version of this story identified /u/GlennMR as the creator of Dogecoin. GlennMR is the creator of Thanks to commenter Matthias Genericname for pointing out the mistake.