Yesterday MasonEyewear online store announced that it now accepts Bitcoin. is a company that wants to escape from the monopolized eye-wear industry by providing high-quality, stylish, and affordable eyeglasses. The company is inspired by the aims and visions of the Freemasons.

Nowadays, Bitcoin is a currency that is both revolutionary and free from any centralization. You may say that and the Bitcoin payment system perfectly fit together.

“We hope that you support Bitcoin and encourage other merchants to do so online. We are trying to spread the word. Advantages are so high, and this method of transacting payments is just what the world should be like,” wrote company representatives for /r/Bitcoin. “ is just a small fish in a large pond of users we need to have to make this currency evolve like email. Moreover, this will also increase the value of Bitcoin due to the limited supply of this crypto-currency.”

Bitcoin transactions for are powered by BitPay payment gateway.

Today, the founders of MasonEyewear Michael Kleinman, Matthew Chrycy and James Chambers also try to educate their customers on how Bitcoin works:

“Not everyone is comfortable with paying with it, but we want to spread the word out there to the baby boomers, and older generations. We think that we may be able to do that in a small portion. If everyone did that, Bitcoin would be adopted globally tomorrow (given the green light by all governments of course)”.