On the Northen hemisphere of the world November is the coldest month of autumn but November 2013 has all chances to become the hottest moth of the year in the history of cryptocurrency. During the whole month we were working hart to bring all latest news of digital currency development and expansion.

Today, we represent you our top 5 of the most popular articles on Cointelegraph. This is our monthly review on digital currency leading news.


The leader of our monthly review should be called “Bitcoin prices records”. We were able to witness bitcoin prices growth on the market. During this month prices were constantly ‘climbing the stairs’ and cracked all-time records.

In the begining of November bitcoin prices rate was about $200 BTC. It’s worth to mention that bitcoin prices went straight down to $103 on 2nd October.

In the beginning of the second week (on 7th of November by 08:56 GMT) bitcoin prices reached the first highest ever level of $300. They continued to grow to $400 and another week later rapidly jumped to $500.

After the18-19th of November – the dates of US Senate hearings about bitcoin and its recognition by law, a real race of bitcoin prices began. On 18th November prices reached a new important barrier of $900. And then the price jumped to $1,000 on BTC China exchange on 19th November. While in the beginning of the year bitcoin prices were approximately $10, it means that during only one year period the prices increased x100 times or for 10,000% per year.


A lot of articles considering the US Senate Committee hearing about digital currencies recognition by government continue to take one of the leading positions in bitcoin news list.

The US Senate on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing toke place on Monday 18th November at 3 p.m. in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington. US Senate discussed benefits the dangers that digital currency may bring to the national economy, and stated that “the federal government must make sure that potential threats and risks are dealt with swiftly.”

The second of two hearings on cryptocurrency, named “The Present and Future Impact of Virtual Currency” was taken by US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on 19th of November.

All bitcoin users were mostly interested, what regulations concerning digital currency will be taken during the hearing.

Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the Fed was not planning to regulate Bitcoin. Moreover, when it comes to regulation it should be treated just the same as any other financial instrument. Furthermore, it was mentioned that banks are ready to use Bitcoin technology opportunities but unclear reaction from governmental regulators gets in the way.

For now, the US Senate hearings became the greatest step in understanding digital currency and its future.


Our lucky number three goes to the latest information from Virgin Galactic company, that will provide flights for space tourists and they are now accepting bitcoin payments for purchases of the ticket to space.

We have published numbers of articles about merchants that are ready to accept bitcoin payments but this is the most exciting and nonstandard decision how users can spend bitcoins. Nevertheless, Virgin Galactic first customer, a flight attendant from Hawaii, has purchased a ticket to space flight with exactly bitcoins.


One of the most popular Brazilian science and culture magazines “Superinteressante” has created a bitcoin paywall.

Rafael Kenski, the magazine’s editor, said: “Superinteressante” magazine has been known in Brazil as an innovative publication, so it was important to us to experiment with such a disruptive technology as bitcoins.”

The Editora Abril publisher, that “Superinteressante” magazine belongs to, believe that any information about bitcoin and digital currency in common might have a lot of farseeing benefits. Bitcoin can solve some of the most annoying problems – concerning large fees, bad user experience and other technical difficulties. As for Superinteressante magazine itself new paywall idea seems to work well.


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