Benchmark tests of the new NVidia graphics card show that the new architecture allows much better performance than AMD GPU’s in terms of balance between energy consumption and mined blocks.

If you’ve been following the Bitcoin since its early dawn in 2009 then you probably remember the rivalry between the two top manufacturers of the graphic adapters. This war pushed both the “green one” (NVidia) and the “red one” (AMD) further beyond the limits of performance. This has given PC gamers another reason to spend money as well as given birth to a few companies that began to build their own chip made exclusively with mining in mind, outperforming the giants on the mining field (no pun intended).

Despite both companies lost in a battle for Bitcoin, other altcoins such as DogeCoin or LiteCoin, which are not as hash-hungry as Bit, actually allow “mere mortals” to use graphic cards for reasonable money instead spending thousands on chips for mining rigs and cooling for them. However, AMD was always a bit further. Even though performance in games differed, when it was time for graphic cards to mine digital coins, the “red ones” had more juice but the situation is about to change.

GeForce GTX 750 Ti 1 GB possesses the novel Maxwell architecture that significantly boosts its performance. The benchmarks that tested both the new NVidia product and the fresh AMD GPU ($10 more expensive) revealed that the difference of only 10 kh/s, 242 and 253 accordingly. Nevertheless, the most exciting fact is that the green card operates at two-and-a-half times lower power (60 Watt) comparing it to the 150 Watts from the AMD Radeon 265. That’s the difference that makes new NVidia architecture a killer weapon in the GPU wars for digital coin mining as the consumption of energy is the main issue in the mining process. What’s another big thing in mining? Right, cooling system. NVidia got it covered too, as their new GPU operates at lower temperature then AMD’s. 

I would not get into technical  detail, especially considering that the overclocking of the Maxwell on “greens” showed even better results, but this year in the GPU industry is going to be interesting that’s for sure and the altcoin miners will only benefit from it.