NXT seems to be moving at warp speed right now. It was just three weeks ago that we reported on a few exchanges that were allowing users to trade NXT. A week later, a decentralized NXT exchange popped up.

This week, a NXT Digital Goods Store for independent artists, musicians, game developers, writers, and other creative professionals will launch, allowing them to transact with customers as frictionlessly as technology will allow.

This is possible because NXT is designed to allow the exchange of any digital asset, be that a currency or a song file. So, really, this is just another disintermediary application of cryptocurrency technology that cuts out a middleman.

“We’re really excited about this development,” Dan Kindly, from NXT’s marketing team, said in a statement posted Friday on NXTForum.org.

“Most digital media stores take a big commission from their artists. If you’re struggling to get started, that can represent a real barrier to your career. NXT’s Digital Goods Store allows anyone to list their tracks for free. They get to keep 100 percent of the revenue. That’s money that can go back into marketing and development, or be returned to customers, rather than ending up in the pockets of a big corporation.”

NXT has said that the transaction fee per media file 1 NXT, though that might decrease by an order of magnitude in the near future. Meanwhile, the artist or media creator will receive 100% of what he/she charges for each file or piece of work. No middlemen means there are no third parties siphon off a share of your earnings.

NXT has partnered with Danish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK, one of the first exchanges we reported on to allow trading of the currency, to make the Digital Goods Store available.

Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK, said in a statement over the weekend that jumping from running an exchange to helping promote independent artists’ work was an easy one for him to make.

- Ronny Boesing, CEO at www.CCEDK.com / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS

“I am a pioneer in spirit, and all my life I have made my income getting out there to the rest of the world, in places and countries no one else thought profitable, trying to sell a product,” Boesing said.

NXT said that further details about the store — such as how to join and post work — are forthcoming.


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