The cafe formally known as Daniella's Wacky Diner is the first establishment in the world to accept NxtCoin. It also reopened as the fittingly named Nxt Cafe, which is located on Brighton Road in Shoreham. 

Nxt Cafe evolved after over 25 years of tradition into something fresh, but classic. Their motto is to provide great food and friendly service. Now They can do that even better with NxtCoins! Cafe is leaded by Lee Gibson Grant, whose parents previously ran the same place under Daniella's Wacky Diner banner. 

The restaurant is renowned for it's original menu: Mixing up traditional fried food with camel and horse meat, or even camel burgers. Thanks to crowd-funded budget of 21,000 GBP, it was reopened thanks to the online community. NXT commented: 
“NXT Café [is] the first to host a Nxt ATM machine on the British Islands. The re-opening of a restaurant called “Wacky Diner” and transforming it into the Nxt Cafe, this momumental step was all in thanks to the crowdfunding platform on the Nxt Asset Exchange.” 
NXT is currently one of most popular altcoins and as of June 11, 2014 - it is in fifth place in terms of profitability (BTC and LTC are not included in this rating). But what separates NxtCoin from the rest is that it represents the second generation of cryptocurrencies. It is written from scratch, and is not based on bitcoin’s code. It has many features like voting systems and chats, which is generally considered as more friendly and useful than rough interface of BTC and its clones. 

In order to eliminate any risk when storing the coins, it does not use powerful rigs to mine coins. Instead of mining, existing users are used as nodes by the network that can "forge" blocks using proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism. In other words, it is efficient enough that coins can be awarded to a user who is only using his smartphone. 

The NxtCoin community directly helped owner of Nxt Cafe to fund this event. As Lee said: 
“It's only been available for six months but is growing very quickly. In the last two weeks it has doubled.” 
Nxt Cafe also serves as a type of social hub and is the gateway for many people who want to get more information on cryptocurrencies.