NYC Bitcoin Center is fast becoming a mecca for hip Bitcoin-related events with the launch of a contemporary art exhibition by Jenna Lash this week.

Further to its innovatively sponsored music festival, the center is branching out to an ever more diverse demographic of Bitcoin followers, and continuing to attract some noteworthy names.

Contemporary pointillist painter Lash has an international following for her work, and a selection of those indexed under her Monetary Series collection will be displayed in New York until September.

“The artwork in this exhibition is a visual conversation about the exchange and aesthetic of money,” she said in a press release about the event, “The highly-charged images of currency and how they represent personal values that become public values are the focus of this exhibit.”

Mirroring opinion

“Highly-charged” indeed, as the Bitcoin community is making ever more significant waves in modern opinion of traditional currency and the structures surrounding it. “Money is an abstract concept based on faith,” Lash continues, “…Will we continue to need vaults, gold, soldiers, and insurers to protect that faith?  Or will virtual currency be our saving grace?”

The works themselves, which “run the gamut of U.S. military scrip, a U.S. silver certificate incorporating a Native American portrait, the Australian Dollar, the Chinese Yuan, and two British Pound Notes, to highlight only a few,” are hardly understated, some measuring up to 48 inches by 60 inches (122 centimeters by 152 centimeters).

Center founder Nick Spanos said he was excited about hosting the event, as Lash and her husband had been regular visitors in the past. “We intend to give the exhibition of these paintings the attention, care, and seriousness that the works themselves demand,” he continued.

The exhibition will be marked by a launch party tomorrow (May 29), and while not offering free energy drinks or featuring sponsorship by the New York Museum of Sex as was the case with the center’s music festival, it will provide a less business-oriented environment for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education to be spread.