Having just a piece of paper as cold storage is no longer a priority for Bitcoin users. Now they want to have cool cards or accessories that simultaneously protect private keys and QR codes. 

And while writing down or printing out crucial information may help protect one’s account from online hackers, it is wise to remember that paper is not resistant to environmental damages. 
For more secure offline wallet options, some people choose coins with hidden information, others prefer nice wooden bitcoin wallets, while a lot of other Bitcoin enthusiasts prefer slim and colorful cards. 
Luckily for those who prefer the last option, there are several merchants who make offline wallets that are not just useful, but also stylish AND resistant to damage. 
CryptoCards Offline Wallets 
CryptoCards creates special cold storages to secure your funds offline. They offer low cost, time resilient, waterproof, flame-proof, scratch-resistant and non-electronic cards for offline-wallet management (video introduction of crypto cards). 
Each Crypto Card is made out a high-density aluminum that has been coated in a protective (and pretty) oxide using electrolysis. The company plans to also develop Carbon Fiber cards – they would share the same rust-proof, durable and wear resistant properties, with the added value of being lighter and far stronger than their aluminum counterparts. 
As a proper cold storage, these card has QR codes, Private Key encrypted with BIP0038 security protocol and a public key to check your balance or make donations and transfers. 
Customers may choose Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin or other altcoin Crypto Card and select a color of it. 
The company is based in Canada, but international shipping is also available.