One Small Step for Dogecoin, One Giant Leap for Crypto-Currencies
The Dogecoin logo has travelled to space, bringing itself closer to its initial goal – the moon. 

Most users might have thought that this crazy idea should be understood figuratively, but Rick Mastracchio, one of the NASA astronauts, decided to bring the coin as close as possible to the natural satellite. 

At present he is on the International Space Station and has some time to fulfill the dream of the Doge. His son David was the initiator of the promotion and asked his father to make a short video and several photos of the banner floating in weightlessness. 

David Mastracchio explained on Reddit: 

“I have been a Dogecoin supporter for a few months now. I only wish I could have hopped on at the beginning. My dad is currently on the ISS and so I sent him the high quality picture of the Dogecoin to have him take a picture with it and the Earth in the background.” 

Surprisingly this achievement has brought many negative comments and doubts. Many people on the web believe that it is a fake video. To prove the opposite, David asked his father to take additional pictures which are also available on the web. 

The Coin Telegraph has asked Thomas J. Ackermann whether he thinks Dogecoin’s launch into space is an effective promotional tool for the crypto-currency. Will this help gain exposure to crypto-currencies in general? 

Thomas J. Ackermann: "Space Launch for Dogecoin? It might help gain exposure for Dogecoin, but doubt it does so in a positive way. It seems wasteful and also a bit desperate to compete against Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies."

Marshall Hayner: "I think Mastracchio bringing dogecoin closer to the moon is hillarious. It fits perfectly with the enthusiasm and humor behind the coin: the developers, redditors, fans and traders. Dogecoin makes cryptocurrency friendly and fun, and I love that."

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