Orillia Fuels Belgium’s Bitcoin Innovation
Belgium is finally building its presence on the Bitcoin industry map with Orillia, the main Bitcoin service in the country, going through major expansion this week. 

The company already offers integration of e-Commerce platforms, provides corporate training on Bitcoin and is a certified partner for Bitpay in Belgium. Now, with the opening of its webshop, Orillia will seek to offer hardware for the community and provide services for the Belgian consumer cohort as well as for business. 

“Besides services, we have an R&D [research and development] department to support further innovation in the crypto-currency ecosystem,” CCO Filip Roose said in a press release. “It is now with pride that we announce our brand new webshop and the first fruits of our research.” 

So far, only one product is available for sale, with more in development. Orillia does not take pre-orders but funds projects itself, Roose adding, “We believe a new age is coming, where pre-orders are no longer obligatory to fund development of new products”

The first product available for purchase is an Edison USB Thumb miner based on the Bitfury ASIC chip, performing at up to 2.5GH/s. Orillia will shortly announce the development of a further device, however, which “should please even the most hashing power hungry users”. 

The developments at Orillia provide scope for a growing economy in Belgium and complement Roose’s efforts in raising crypto-currency’s profile at home, having also set up the Belgian Bitcoin Association last year.

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