Overkillcoin to Rule the Cryptographic World
April 2014 brings interesting news to the cryptographic environment. If you doubt Bitcoin and ask how long it will last on the market, switch to Overkillcoin – the most promising virtual currency.
Promising and loud - Overkillcoin is the new revolutionary payment system. It seeks to baffle everyone wondering why the world needs another cryptographic asset that is actually a poorly-made rip-off of the fabulous Bitcoin.
Rather ambitious Overkillcoin converts the interest of society in other coins into an instrument to pad the pockets of the developers and early dumpers.
Initially Overkillcoin can be converted into any possible fiat or electronic currency. It will definitely help to cash out on the final stage of the project and provide a fortune to the early participants. 
Low fees and simultaneous transactions are the reason to consider the coin seriously. Nasty bankers have been left outside the system, making the asset a phenomenal investment. 
For better recognition on the market, Overkillcoin has a 3D logo, a snappy demo and a few very dedicated Twitter fans. Every wallet is equipped with one-click CoinDev technology. Smaller denominations include Overkillcoin Jr. and Overkillcoin III. The Overkillcoin is capable of standing up for itself – every coin a user owns goes to the virtual house of a virtual competitor coin with a virtual chainsaw to kill it. 
Observing the current mood of society and the most recent trends, every alternative coin has to contribute to some charity. You should be pleased to hear that all transaction fees go to the Fund to Assist Depressed Teenage Unicorns. 
Overkillcoins will soon be fully mined; afterwards they will cannibalize each other, but those carrying the survival coins will become fabulously rich.
The lovely slogan of the Overkillcoin reads:
“Buy ’em cheap, stuck ‘em deep, ya creep!”
Simply put, Overkillcoin is the currency that uses you! 

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