Personal Details

Patric Stiller, born in 1987, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden


Studied law and economics at the University of Stockholm

Professional experience and achievement

Patric started working for the biggest bank in northern Europe around the age of 17 and took on his first managerial role at 21. His head responsibilities involved business and IT development, product development, sales and credit management.

After seven-plus years at the bank, Patric began working as a freelance consultant and legal counsel in both Stockholm and Berlin. During his time in Germany, he co-managed the setup and launch of an online legal service platform.

Today, Patric is the CEO and co-founder of a Swedish crypto startup called Baytrade Group. The Baytrade Group offers Sweden’s first cryptolawyer services as well as a number of mining services.


Change and development, movies, series, games, and good times with friends

First experience with cryptocurrencies

After a summer in Kreuzberg experiencing the Bitcoin hype in Berlin, Patric started to realize its potential. In the fall of 2013, he bought his first mix of cryptocoins, “and now there's no turning back.”

Role in the Bitcoin community

Patric says he acts as a bridge, personally and professionally, between the “hardcore crypto-community” and traditional businesses. He also manages private mining operations.