Personal Details

Patrick Dugan, born in 1985, currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Virginia Tech
Professional experience and achievement
Patrick’s career includes work in game design, organic food and finance, spread out over three continents. He co-founded an indie game blog called Play This Thing in 2007 and produced a casual game that worked on Wii and DS, which he later sold to make social games for Vostu and also work as a consultant in the Bay Area.
Patrick moved to Chile in 2012 after the government included his organic farming startup in an incubator, and in 2013 he set up an online ecommerce and food delivery business in Santiago.
Patrick has been trading his own accounts since 2008 and designed algo systems using a neural-net calibrated platform called Nueroshell in 2009 for a managed accounts startup.
Crypto-anarchy, System D, transhumanity, real asset securitization, automated wealth management
First experience with cryptocurrencies
Patrick got robbed at gunpoint in Argentina in 2013, and after talking a hostel into deferring payment for a night’s stay, he used the hostel lobby computer to find a local Bitcoin buyer. He sold 5 BTC he had for around 3150 Argentine pesos.
Role in the Bitcoin community
His business, Crypto Currency Concepts, offers systematic, automated Bitcoin (and altcoin) trading via tighter spreads and more market depth.