Personal Details

Paul Snow, born 1960, living in Austin Texas
Master’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering from Texas A&M University
Professional experience and achievement
Paul founded the Software Construction Company in Texas, and implemented compiler, interpreter, and graphics technology including the first shipping Postscript clone.
He also designed and implemented Decision Table Rules Engines used in many states for eligibility determination for SNAP, TANF, Medicare, Medicaid, and other health and human services programs and applications.
Programming, economics, public policy, politics (as an observer), future technology, writing, and cooking (particularly smoking and curing meats and baking). He also dabbles in theology, philosophy and juggling.
First experience with cryptocurrencies
Paul read an article in 2011 about Bitcoin and quickly bought some at about 77 cents each. He did not do any significant further research until 2013, when he realized his initial investment may have funded his and his wife’s retirements.
Role in the Bitcoin community
Paul is one of the founders of the Texas Bitcoin Association and the Texas Bitcoin Conference. He is also a contributor to Colored Coins and Ethereum.