Braintree has launched its private beta program. Thousands of U.S. merchants can now accept bitcoin.

Braintree is an online and mobile payment platform, and an arm of PayPal. They partnered up with Coinbase to incorporate bitcoin back in September, and now they are wrapping up integration.

Adding bitcoin payments is a surprisingly easy process for current vendors. The Coinbase Blog states:

“Braintree merchants can now accept bitcoin by creating a Coinbase account and adding a few lines of code to their existing Braintree integration.”

Rumors swirled that Airbnb would begin accepting bitcoin when Coinbase gave a talk at Airbnb's headquarters in San Francisco. Braintree clients currently include Airbnb and GitHub. Uber is listed as a successful case study of Braintree's usefulness. This makes it a little easier for these major companies to add Bitcoin to their payment palettes.

PayPal also allows its “digital goods merchants” to accept bitcoin, and it broadcast a (sort of creepy) pro-bitcoin advertisement called “PayPal Voices.”

Merchants interested in joining the private beta can email Coinbase.


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