We reported last month that high-speed network company Perseus Telecom was working on a big cryptocurrency exchange project. They launched it yesterday.


Perseus, working with cryptocurrency trading platform Atlas ATS, have created a platform that will allow traders at the big institutions in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong to trade digital currencies.



Perseus will be the service provider, giving the platform the infrastructure it needs to handle huge volumes quickly.






The company notes a need for security in light of the circus surrounding Mt. Gox’s recent collapse.



“The goal of [the Digital Currency Initiative] is to make sure that there is financial institution-level security, KYC, and trading available and secure in multiple regions,” the company’s head of development, Carl Weir, said.



“With DCI, we’re ensuring that anti-money laundering and know-your-customer rules are in place and can be reported to regulators should they require it. In addition, Bitcoins should be placed in cold storage so that users, whether financial institutions or individuals, don’t lose their Bitcoin.”



This is what it looks like when the Bitcoin economy starts to grow up. Ex-Wall Street professionals will more and more be the face of this industry, not Silk Road pirates or Mark Karpeles.