Personal Details

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen, born 1990, currently living in Copenhagen


BSc International Business & Politics at the Copenhagen Business School

Professional experience and achievement

Mikkelsen currently serve as the managing director of the Copenhagen Bitcoin Center. The center conducts a large range of activities, ranging from bitcoin trading, ATM services and educational initiatives seeking to promote public awareness of the crypto community and its developments.

His background is in sales and politics. In the past, Mikkelsen has done fundraising and consulting for various NGOs, and libertarian political campaigns.


Monetary systems, digital assets, open-source education, running, dancing and entrepreneurship.

First experience with cryptocurrencies

In August 2013, Mikkelsen visited his friends Nick Spanos and Austin Alexander in New York City, and they introduced him to the Bitcoin community. Afterward, he began following TED Talks and updates from fellow Dane Lasse Birk Olesen.

“In April 2014, Nick Spanos informed me of the Bitcoin center NYC’s expansion to Europe and offered me to spearhead the challenge,” Mikkelsen said. “I didn’t think twice.”