The Silicon Valley based company Plug and Play Tech Center will be featuring an event for both bitcoin experienced professionals and ambitious startups from the same region, but aiming to work worldwide. The panel will be held on the 5th of December, in the afternoon, but it will be time enough to get acquainted with the most interesting ideas, their demos and presentations. The “global business accelerator” as Plug and Play calls itself advises to be there, not to miss important new tendencies in the world of digital solutions and business based on crypto currency and especially bitcoins. Also the meeting will be held to establish the links between perspective ideas and potential investors, who want to enter the bitcoin community or to widen its business in the offered sphere.

Among the panelists will be many respectable names from the branch. Three of them are the executive director of BitAngels David Johnston; CEO of Ripple, the payment network, Chris Larsen, CEO of Gyft Vinny Lingham. All appreciated by new comers. The list is not final and there might be more surprises to wait for.

Plug and Play itself has already found 10 new startups interesting to invest in. The reason for this rising interest was born during the Silicon Valley Meetup Group, where Saeed Amidi, the founder of the company got to know more about this crypto currency and decided to try to enter this segment of the economy. Currently the meeting features already 330 members and guests. Sometimes their discussions are held in the Plug and Play offices. One of the persons to change Amidi’s opinion was the founder of litecoin Charlie Lee. He has also worked for Google on Chrome development, but know give his full attention to Coinbase.

To give an example on the startups let us observe the company from Singapore. It is called itBit and dreams to establish a NASDAQ-like exchange service for bitcoins. They already have received investments equal to about 5,5 million dollars.

Plug and Play cannot be called the first promoter interested in bitcoin startups and accepting the crypto currency in general. Boost VC from San Mateo launched almost simultaneously seven such ideas. All of them placed in different point of the world – Berlin, Singapore, Vancouver and Mexico City.

Experts evaluating the velocity of development and the amount of startups in the current field do not thing that the average of 200 ideas might change and fast promote the bitcoin environment and community. However, these perspectives can be positively evaluated – they work for a stable base for further development.

More about the registered participant of the event can be found on the official homepage of Plug and Play, as well as on the site of the Winter Expo 2013. The list is updated almost every day –so do not miss the opportunity to tell the world about Your idea or gain courage for Your own future work in the wide and friendly environment of crypto currency.