Pocketdice.io features a multi-faceted user account with a wide variety of features easily accessible from one screen.

Customers sign up using a one-step process, filling in a form with an email address. A profile is then generated.

Pockdetice.io offers traditional gaming, funds deposit and withdrawal facilities, as well as some extras including a referral feature and free bitcoins.

Customers are able to claim 1000 satoshis every 10 minutes (once per account per IP address), which can be used towards play should their account balance fall below the minimum bet amount. Claims should be used within a week to avoid funds being cancelled.

In addition to campaigns and news from Pocketdice.io itself, customers also have access to full account statistics in their account.

Pocketdice.io features a tutorial mode, allowing users to become acquainted with site functionality prior to placing live bets.


Pocketdice.io uses cryptographic algorithms to preserve the integrity of its gaming model.

The technical process by which provably fair gaming is implemented is available on the website:

“1. We generate 30 initial random numbers ranging from 1 to 6.
2. We generate random server seed.
3. The initial numbers are hashed using hash('sha256', json_encode($initial_numbers) . $server_seed). The resulting hash is made public.
4. When you start a game, we use javascript in your browser to create a client seed.
5. The initial numbers are shuffled calling Fisher-Yates shuffle with client seed.”

The relevant code is also publicly viewable on the website.

Pocketdice.io aims to introduce provably fair gaming in an upfront manner, and all games available on the site are based on this premise. “What that means is that there is no way the site can cheat you by picking numbers to make you lose,” it states.

Provably fair gaming has always been a benchmark for Bitcoin gambling sites, but Pocketdice.io is able to demonstrate the concept in a uniquely straightforward manner. This is due in part to the simplicity of the site’s layout.

The minimum bet on Pocketdice.io is 0.001mBTC.

Withdrawals cost 0.1mBTC and are subject to a minimum 0.5mBTC withdrawal amount.

There is no charge for deposits.

Pocketdice.io has received a generally positive reception on Bitcointalk.org. Praise has come particularly from the developers’ willingness to respond to user suggestions for updates; the ‘free bitcoins’ feature was created this way. Users also complemented the site’s signature campaign, more details of which may be found in its dedicated section upon opening an account.