Max Wright has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and a guiding light in the Bitcoin community. His book is the most popular Bitcoin-related work available on, and seeks to introduce a wider audience to Bitcoin’s fundamental revolutionary aspects.

Along with his work for the Success Council, Wright is also a seasoned traveler, regularly making speaking appearances at Bitcoin events, and Cointelegraph caught up with him to find out more about his current projects and get his views on Bitcoin advocacy.

Cointelegraph: What made you really take Bitcoin seriously when you were first introduced to it?

Max Wright: To be honest, my horrible ego wanted to learn more so I could teach these crypto-fools why gold and silver are the only true forms of money.  But soon, I had to lose the chip off my shoulder because all the answers were there. Once I was satisfied with the basic economic principles that this was sound money, I was enamored with Bitcoin’s resistance to violence. Liberty Reserve and eGold and all forms of competing currencies were easy marks for the banking cartel and the henchmen in governments. Guns too easily thwarted them.  But Bitcoin’s decentralized P2P nature is resistant to violence and really takes the game to a whole new level.  

CT: The Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny for Fun and Profit, is one of the top ranked and most read publications in the Amazon store about Bitcoin. What kind of reactions have you heard from the public in response concerning Bitcoin?

MW: Educated minds really enjoy the comparison to gold and silver.  If you do not understand the problems with the current fiat monetary system then this book is not for you.  That is assumed knowledge.   This book goes into a details comparison between precious metals and Bitcoin, and at the end most people agree that Bitcoin has tremendous appeal.

CT: On its website, Success Council states its goal to make 5000 leaders to fill the vacuum of distrust in traditional government. How is the project progressing and what has the feedback been like thus far?

MW: It is early stages but already I am very proud to say that we have helped educate thousands of people on the principles of liberty in just a few short years. The ripple effect from this kind of action is, I believe, changing the world before us.   The Race is on   :)

CT: What is your stance of public education about Bitcoin? Consensus ranges from all-out information of the masses to none whatsoever, as some consider it unnecessary to understand Bitcoin in order to be able to use it.

MW: You certainly do not need to be able to understand it to use it. Most people do not understand dollars but use them.  let me put it this way, if I could either have everyone use Bitcoin and not understand it or understand it and not use it.... I would choose use it.  The benefits to society will be realized whether people understand why or not.

CT: What would you say to consumers new to Bitcoin as regards investment in the currency?

MW: You have to store your wealth somewhere.  After the Cyprus banking fiasco the world got a rude awakening that "safe as banks" does not really mean much anymore.  Bitcoin has already proven to be the investment of the century. I think it has many more years of incredible growth still to come.  So I think you’re mad if you don't put some of your wealth in on this potential.  But I also think you would be mad to invest all of your wealth in it.  It is an experiment and it is very promising, but it is far from proven and only time will be the test that matters.