Proclamations and Leaflets to Serve the Peaceful Promotion of Bitcoin

The cryptographic environment has seen many implementations of online matters in real life. Pendants, smartphone cases and other items carrying the Bitcoin logo, paper wallets and hardware comprising virtual funds are all kinds of physical presences of the currency in the everyday life. Education and information acquisition is mostly completed online, but some activists from the US are going to access the part of society free from virtual bonds.


Bitcoin Bigfoot to Start the Conversation

The idea can be easily summed up – the group of enthusiasts from the Bitcoin Bigfoot prepares a trifold leaflet, provides it to local activists around the country, who will spread it to potential users of Bitcoin lacking regular presence on the global web.

The first edition will feature 100 000 promotional packs. It seems illogical to many superficial observers claiming that all activities about virtual assets can happen only online. Even knowing that Bitcoin is not printed or forged, it does not mean that it is not suitable for people using Internet occasionally.

Curtis Fenimore together with Jake Tital is the founder of Bitcoin Bigfoot and sees many offline opportunities of promotion. There is no reason not to try to influence the missing part of the society. Mr. Fenimore explained:

“The Internet has a huge reach, but it still doesn’t reach everything. There’s still very much a need for face to face communication and physical promotional materials. YouTube videos alone can’t do it. If that was true, adoption would be beyond the roof.”

The aim auditory is people, who already have some information on Bitcoin or have heard something from the traditional media, but lack experience, knowledge and assistance to engage in the environment. Fenimore has often met in person with those, who would like to get involved, but are missing guidance.

Bitcoin Bigfoot’s Ambitions

The paper item will have information on the most important aspects of Bitcoin – from mining till spending. It will even list merchants accepting Bitcoin, providing them advertising area for free. Some space is going to be empty and might be filled by the distributing activists, for example, with local coin-friendly retailers.

However, the setup of the world says that every activity has to be supported materially. The 26 BTC for the projected were donated and seem to be enough to complete the first stage. Most works or services required for the success are also paid in Bitcoin to reduce the fees and costs; the only retrograde is the delivering company asking for fiat dollars.

The release of the leaflet is planned for the 1st of April. The distribution has to be done in 90 days. Next editions will be revised and by the end of the year have to reach at least 500 000 exemplars.

Mr.Fenimore’s name might be known to Bitcoin activists and supporters, as he is libertarian and works at the Porcupine Freedom Festival. He sees particular income from his project. After the current investment, the team will develop and produce merchandise, promotional materials and other media matters. He explained:

“The niche we’ll carve out is Bitcoin supporters and activists. Being known as the company that supports you guys,” he says. “If you have an idea of how we can help you and you can’t do it on your own and it benefits others, then we’ll try to make it available to everyone.”

Currently he relies on sponsors, among them are, Coinapult, expresscoin,,, BIPS, KryptoKit, BitGo, Crypto Communications, and CoinMKT have thrown him some bitcoins, as have Let’s Talk Bitcoin, CheapAir, Bitcoiniacs,, Bitcoin Buzz, Coinosphere, Coinality, and Bitcoin Magazine. He continued:

“Bitcoin represents a paradigm shift on so many levels. We’re living in the future and bitcoin is a taste of that. I don’t need to list for you all the benefits of it but all of those things are pointing towards a brighter tomorrow in which the value of what we use to trade is based on consensus and market rates.”

Let us see how successful is going to happen the combining of online and offline matters for a brighter future. The Coin Telegraph is holding tight on Mr. Fenimore and his projects.