The metaverse still sounds like a concept straight out of a science fiction novel to many. But many are shaping the development of this online realm without even knowing it, through their participation in immersive video games like Fortnite.

On a larger scale, over the last two years, the world has witnessed entirely new communities moving to online interactions, including work, socialization and exercise in a hybrid experience. These early online activities were later met by gamers and blockchain leaders working together in strategic alliances. The intention is that rather than disjointed online and offline experiences, the world will become witness to a single, seamless world.

Propelling the new standard for cryptocurrency projects is Final Frontier. As both a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), professional gaming guild and leader in esports gaming, the initiative aims to generate opportunities through existing blockchain protocols by adding FRNT token asset utilization in the virtual economy and reward distribution for members, investors and partners. The guild has since announced its commitment to the MUD faction for Star Atlas gameplay and membership to the United Metaverse Organizations (UMO), a unity to support, partner with and protect one another in Star Atlas. 

These standards are seen as a necessary component in an AAA-level organization for blockchain gaming due to their ability to ensure that players respect each other and attract the right community. Final Frontier believes in setting these positive standards, complete with adept rules and regulations to govern members in a militant fashion. However, the leadership structure airs on the side of non-dictatorial to encourage community participation. To advance this undertaking, the team has pursued partnerships with Krypto Playboy, Macrochain Capital, NuHollywood Inc, HT Ventures, NEXTZ Ventures, Interstellar Alliance, FABRIC, Equinox Starfleet, Kretos Ventures, Atlessio Family and Soliens DAO, among others.

Supporting the people behind the metaverse

Final Frontier is embracing the four main currencies of the world to build this structured home for players in the metaverse. These currencies are defined as time, knowledge, relationships and money. All currencies are employed to recognize that harmony in the first three currencies is necessary to achieve greater financial freedom and success.

Efforts towards this mission further culminated in a Twitter Spaces event, where Star Atlas participants and other metaverse players heard firsthand from Commander Ardo on the project’s direction. Through his announcement, the audience witnessed his compassion for women’s empowerment and creating change with a vow to bring these efforts to life. The inspirational was followed with the tactical through an associated “Create Change” giveaway, in which the community sees another directive in response to Ardo’s motto, “Service before self, excellence in all we do, and no mission is too great; to accomplish!”

A significant focus of Final Frontier has also been on education. The organization has released two digital magazines, both of which are considered the first of their kind in the metaverse space. The first publication, also known as the Metazine, was comprised of monthly digital publications that include interviews from known metaverse figures, information on the latest trends and specific updates from Star Atlas. 

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The second magazine is Metapower, a publication for women’s empowerment where women from across the globe are unified in a single space to share their stories, artwork and new projects. These efforts have proven the organization’s dedication to creating change and the massive force employed in Star Atlas.

Creating change

Final Frontier has crossed 500 members through their efforts, becoming a co-founder in the United Metaverse Organizations (UMO). Now, a community of over 60,000 followers backs the project just five months after the creation.

Looking ahead, the team has put plans in place for their NFT launch, leadership bonding excursion, FIFA esports tournament, Call of Duty tournament, expanding the UMO and Star Atlas strategy planning. The community can also look forward to the beginnings of a staking program that is said to be up and running in the same year.

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