Danish BitCoin broker Sirius Money is leading a bid to sponsor Faysal Hanneche two thousand euros to carry a bitcoin sticker on his sledges all the way to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Statin, and make first purchase from the heart of Antarctica using bitcoin virtual currency.

Also, Headsman of Sirius Money – Thorkil Værge, has endowed 6,8 bitcoins, that equals to one thousand euro, to Hanneche to help him in his endeavor to visit both North and South poles in a single year by himself. Decade ago, Faysal Hanneche, originated from France, settled a challenge for himself to cross Antarctica alone, without any assistance. On Monday, April 15th, this year he conquered North Pole, during his trip, Henneche was pulling 120 kilograms of supplies across almost four hundred kilometers through cold desert where temperature fell below 40°C. Now, he may be the first man to conquer both Poles in a single year unaided on his way through ice.

During preparations to his trips he had problems to pay for extra expenses, such as an additional equipment or tickets, his bank located in France limited the money that he could withdraw because he was abroad, and in addition, he had problems with his bankcard, because not everyone accepted MasterCards. Hanneche found a solution in using BitCoin that would allow him to pay for everything in time and without losing a lot of money on all the fees.

Since Hanneche’s endeavor is quite expensive – sixty thousand euros, he is turning to bitcoin community for help. You can help Hanneche too by donating him via bitcoin. Also, you can get sponsorship and your personal sticker on his sledges by lending him two thousand euros. We wish our best to Faysal in his hard endeavor.