Rutger van Zuidam is an ecommerce entrepreneur and Bitcoin specialist from The Netherlands. He is the founder of Into Bitcoin, which serves as the starting point for business, governmental institutions and NGOs to use and apply Bitcoin, crypto currency and Blockchain technology.

He is also the co-producer of the recent BitcoinProperly animation video examining the importance of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, which went viral on YouTube and Reddit.

He started the first Dutch Bitcoin Café gathering, which launched a Bitcoin point-of-sales system for bars and restaurants as well as the official Dutch National Bitcoin Conference, which was held last May 15th at the ABN AMRO Bank Dialogues House.

Rutger is one of the most requested Bitcoin and crypto currency specialists among Dutch media. Instead of an investment asset or “virtual” money, Rutger looks at the technology side of Bitcoin and the blockchain from a more entrepreneurial perspective: How can this technology help to develop new products and services and innovate?

This got Rutger involved as co-founder of the startup EAZE, the wearable wallet, combining Coinbase and Blockchain wallets with Google Glass and smartwatches to provide a frictionless payment solution.