From the very moment when Bitcoin was first mined people started to wonder – who invented this digital currency. Originally it is said that Satoshi Nakamoto is the man we are searching for, but even now – after more than five years since the first Bitcoin transaction, his identity is surrounded by mystery.

In recent times the search for the mysterious mastermind reached a new level – first Nakamoto’s possible brother was found, then another cryptographic genius but no sign of Satoshi himself.

So what do we know – he is probably Japanese, because of the name, but it is possible that a group of people were working under this name. Also we know that Dorian Nakamoto isn’t Satoshi’s brother. So, does Satoshi really exist?

This week Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author, gave his theory about Bitcoin’s founding father. In the post “How the Robots Will Take Over” from April 9 he describes how computers could take over the world. 

To be precise Scott Adams tells that: “If I'm the first post-singularity computer, I start by inventing Bitcoin”