The proliferation of altcoins and various cryptocurrencies has the potential to completely reshape local economies. We have already seen cryptocoins with a country-specific focus, and we have even seen them work at the neighborhood level.


So, it only makes sense that a US state with its own unique culture and traditions should have its own cryptocurrency, too.


That is the idea behind Hawaiicoin, which launches today. Its 500-coin genesis block was mined in early March, and no further premining has taken place. At 20:00 Hawaii time on 28 March, the currency is set to go live.


We spoke with Hawaiicoin’s creators earlier to get their thoughts on the upcoming release.


Cointelegraph: How was the idea of Hawaiicoin conceived?


Hawaiicoin: Our team of developers all live in Hawaii and are very passionate about our island culture. We wanted to give a coin to the altcoinverse that portrayed our heritage and at the same time exemplified the meaning of "aloha" (“love and gratitude”). How better to do it than to create an opensource cryptocoin? We're working with local companies and game developers to associate the coin with Hawaii-themed products and services.


CT: There are so many altcoins now; why do you think yours can succeed?


HC: There is always room for more than one coin. Have you ever heard of POGS? Whether for collecting, exchanging, acquiring products or services, or for just enjoyment, we feel the beauty and allure of the Hawaiian Islands will set our coin apart. Oh yes, and our development team of course. We are working on an Android wallet and investing in popular video game themes and maps, where the coins can be exchanged for special items and features.


CT: What are your plans for Hawaiicoin?


HC: Wallets for mobile devices, games, exchange for Hawaii-based goods and services. Take a look at at our launch date and time to find all sorts of items and giveaways such as Hawaii postcards, collectibles, and other items from Hawaii.