An international mining manufacturing company is recruiting partners to host sites for scrypt-based coin mining farms, saying the network would minimize costs to miners and build interest in the altcoin industry.

ZeusMiner, an integrated circuit design company that manufactures ASIC chips and miners for scrypt-based cryptocurrencies, said the network would put the cryptocurrency community spotlight on scrypt mining.

Scrypt-based cryptocurrencies use a different hashing algorithm than Bitcoin, though some can be mined using the same equipment. Though Bitcoin is by far the biggest altcoin using the SHA-256 algorithm, a number of other digital currencies using scrypt algorithm – such as DogeCoin and LiteCoin - have built up a degree of success.

“We want to find global partners who can provide a site to host hundreds of miners with cheap power supply to deliver more cost-efficient hashing rates,” ZeusMiner spokeswoman Sara told Cointelegraph. “Most importantly, through our global reach, we want to draw more spotlight on the entire Scrypt mining industry as a whole.”

ZeusMiner is looking for international partners to build mining farms for scrypt-based coins with Zeus miners, offering the company’s technical support and maintenance in return.

They are asking applicants with the “proper resources” to apply to ZeusMiner by email to provide details about the potential hosting site, including its location, area, power capacity, electricity rate, the applicant’s experience in mining deployment, and the type of business model he or she is looking for.

“ZeusMiners desires to do more than deliver reliable miners,” the company said in a press release announcing the mining network. “We want the entire Scrypt mining industry to thrive just like us. This industry needs more spotlight and market interest.”

The goal of the project, ZeusMiner said in the press release, is to extend the mining network as far as possible.

Apply to partner up by writing to ZeusMiner at [email protected], or check out the company website here

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