To become a popular and successful author is a difficult and long haul. Luckily today, technological developments may make it easier for young and unknown authors to publish and sell their works to readers online.

Even better that now we have an online bookstore that accepts Bitcoin payments – is the place to be!

At the beginning of the project launch site developers were looking for authors to create a marketplace for content in the BTC space. This is a place where people can both sell their original works and buy books of other authors. has also acquired resale rights to several thousand e-books. Now you can find various books of different genres, from adventure to fantasy, horror, historical and even erotica.

“We want authors, content creators, publishers, agents and anyone else we haven’t thought of to publish their e-books and sell directly to readers.”

BitBooks e-bookstore accepts only digital currency payments, although prices are displayed in US dollars.

Each author who decides to sell his or her masterpiece can set the price and BitBooks will take a 10% commission. Once a month authors receive revenue to the wallet of their choosing, minus the commission.

Authors with three or more publications are entitled to their own featured author page.

An the beginning of April it was announced that is now officially accepting Litecoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin:

“We have over 100 authors signed up to publish their fiction and non-fiction direct to you, the discerning reader, so please swing by and browse the book shelves, and feel free to comment or give me feedback here, I'd love to hear from the community on whether or not this is the kind of store you want to see!”