Matic just announced June launch dates for its staking testnet and mainnet.

"Staking UI to be publicly available on testnet by 15th June," Matic said Wednesday in a statement on its blog. "Final staking and delegation to foundation nodes on the Matic mainnet to go live on or before 29th June," the post added.

Matic staking goes live for education

Originally an initial exchange offering on Binance, Matic Network operates in the payments sector. 

The project's Monday launch will bring out a staking test network, hosting over 110 validators, with a user interface, letting the public experiment with staking on Matic, the statement said. 

Mainnet also goes live in June

Matic also plans to start up its mainnet in June after a third-party outfit completes "an additional round of audits," the statement said, adding: 

"Based on their feedback, we will be making a few upgrades before the final launch of staking and delegation to Foundation nodes on or before June 29."

Amid the news of the coming launch, however, Matic's asset price tumbled approximately 20% between the end of May and early June.