We’ve all heard of Bitcoin evangelism, but is it to be heard everywhere like in the states? The UK has so far been silent – until now. 

The British public has spoken, according to a survey released by YouGov, a UK-based the market research firm, which asked 2052 people about their opinions of Bitcoin. 

Mixed signals 

Perhaps the one of the gloomier statistics to come from the research is that 71% of consumers “do not want” the option to pay with virtual currency. And of those who did want it, the main reason was fairness rather than interest, respondents saying that all valid currencies should be made available as payment methods. 

Stories in the news featuring Mt. Gox succumb to hacking, price volatility and government backlashes against crypto-currencies can no doubt have contributed to UK consumers’ wary stance on Bitcoin. 

Some of the more revolutionary aspects of Bitcoin, however, seemed to win over the public’s imagination nonetheless. 6% of those asked said they were attracted to the anonymity of using BTC, while 5% liked the idea of simply no longer needing to carry cash, making a total of 11% of participants positively inclined towards Bitcoin.