Sweet Odor of Bitcoin with a Rich Citrus Note

Human beings commonly have 5 senses, which are enough to form an impression from an object met in real life. Considering Bitcoin – the currency was long a matter providing no palpable feelings, particularly having no smell. If You have just wondered what the odor might be like, enthusiasts from Canada have already embodied the idea.

Spicy Sweet Emotions

The name of the recently created perfume, or being more particular, cologne designed for men seems very logical – BitCologne. The product is hand crafted, carries high quality that will match the above average demand of Bitcoin users. At present time the Coin Telegraph does not have information whether the product has been tested, but the manufacturers’ approach seems to be very serious.

Designers of the item claim the product to be made for “peer-to-peer” interactions. After their own words:  

«Well, with its aromatic blend of spicy, floral, oak and citrus notes, your "partner" may find it hard to resist initiating a more "private transaction" C'mon, that's as "subtle" as we can be.»

As the perfume is based on the most popular virtual currency, the producers aimed to include and personify main and attractive qualities of Bitcoin. The advantages that should be considered are:

«A subtlety that's both bold and unique. Light, portable, and available whenever you need it. Freedom to go against the grain!».

26 dollars are a very humble price for 59 ml (rather nonstandard packaging) or 20 FL Oz. The bottle has very plain appearance, but is shipped only to Canada or the USA.

Like Tree, Like Fruit

According to the “About us” section of the homepage of the BitCologne, it was possible to determine the parent company of the mentioned startup. The Eruditium project shows an icon of the perfume on its page supporting the fact deep connection.

Eruditium itself is not only about selling interesting environmentally friendly items also for Bitcoin, but more about the approach. According to their description:

“We're a small online store, offering big and exciting deals on some of the most unique, eco-friendly, organic, GMO free, and environmentally conscious, products, that you'll find, anywhere on the net.”

Main aim of the project is to make customers think on the consequences of every deed performed – even browsing the web and shopping online. The offered products and the strategy hope to make even such activities sustainable, to reduce the footprint, hoping for a better future.

The green and nature-friendly approach somehow lifts the question on dermatological tests of the fragrance, doesn’t it?


  • BitCologne homepage for extensive information and performing of orders

  • Eruditium project and shopping venue

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