is a flexible online financing system, developed by Julian Haight, which aggregates smaller payment requests, making micropayments possible with extra convenience. Generally speaking, both online content consumers and publishers can benefit from using this method. 

No-strings attached 

Consumers don’t need to signup or pay any fees. Syndicoin keeps a private and confidential account of all payment requests coming from the participating sites. You only need to review and pay for the content or products you need. Upon clicking the payment button, your Bitcoin wallet will then launch, allowing you to check the total amount before finally forwarding it through the network. 
Developer Julian Height explained in a post on reddit
“My system is different from others in that it is voluntary. (not .com) makes it easy for you to reward the publishers of content you like. Coin goes directly from your wallet to the publisher's.” 
On the other hand, publishers also don’t need to signup. Syndicoin does not hold any bitcoins, nor keep transaction records. In order to use the service, one has to simply insert a short code in his web pages in order to begin accepting payments through the system. 

Monetize now 

After inserting the javascript code, you may now start charging per minute for music, video, and other web based content. Communicating with this javascript code does not cause any network activity, thus system performance is not affected. 
Syndicoin works with different types of wallets, such as Bitcoin core and the bitcoin-wallet app for Android. It is supported by every javascript-enabled browser but some of the features¸ like localStorage, JSON and postMessage, might not be supported by some older browser versions. The currency conversion rates are based upon the BitcoinAverage’s 24-hour average (can be BitcoinAverage, bits or BTC/XBT). 
Syndicoin charges a 1% fee for all payments with multiple outputs while one-time payments are free of charge.