The Streamin’ Garage production center in collaboration and under sponsorship of Butterfly Labs is going to give away massive sums in Bitcoin in an online live game show. The broadcast item received the name “Take My Bitcoins” and might become a huge promotional activity never seen before in the cryptographic environment.


Lemma of the Show


The intention has been reported on the 19th of March. The media company Streamin’ Garage will produce the content on turnkey, but the leading manufacturer of mining hardware and provider of the technology will present the prize money.

Currently it is planned to go on air every Thursday, at 8:00 PT. The launch is planned on the 3rd of April (very soon). Besides the promotion of Bitcoin, the developers see an opportunity to animate the category of old-school game shows often occupying the foreground times of the broadcasting networks of cable channels. As the spectators got used to, the show will feature a new celebrity every week as a co-host competing in knowledge or some skill with an online opponent.

The process is going to be supported with the most modern media sources of the web – gameplay, as well as comments, will be performed via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Google Voice. The size of the prize is unlimited and the game continues as long as the wallet has some Bitcoin left inside.