“The Nation State is Not Prepared for Something Like This” - Jeffrey Tucker Interview

Jeffrey discovered Bitcoin only in February of 2013, and has written some 20 articles on the topic since that time, mainly because its emergence challenged much of what he thought he knew about money, banking, and entrepreneurship. Jeffrey has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and is the CLO of Liberty.me

The Coin Telegraph: As you mentioned in Liberty.mes IndieGoGo campaign, the wants of liberty-minded people have finally found a convergence point with available technology. How much do you imagine this technology will nudge others toward liberty-minded pursuits?

Jeffrey Tucker: In the last 15 years, an entirely new world has been created out of the template of liberty. It is the global file-sharing network, the app economy, the world-wide peer-to-peer connectivity for two thirds of humanity, the amazing reality that most of us carry in our pockets a portal to all that is known or has been known.

The digital cloud we use every day is an incredible thing. This new world was neither imagined nor created by any government. No political establishment made this possible. No nation state alone manages it. It is a product of anarchy and it is beautiful. The nudge toward understanding this and its meaning comes only from a consciousness of the relationship between cause and effect.

CT: How has Liberty.mes first few months gone? What has the reception been?

JT: We are officially live for one week now, and the reception has been amazing. Every member gets a publishing site. We decided to see what it would be like to have software serve as the editor.

The results are impressive. The quality is very high. I like being surprised with what is going to appear next. Mostly Im just happy that our customers are happy. By inbox is overwhelmed right now. If we can keep this up, well be fine. I really want Liberty.me to set a new standard.

CT: What do you have planned for the future of Liberty.me?

JT: We are scheduling more and more classes in this really wonderful technology that allows live feeds and interactions with absolutely nothing to download. People love them, both as teachers and students. So we want to build on this.

We are also looking at new forms of affiliate relationships, new P2P tools, an expanded range of topics in the forums, more integrations between sections, and, mostly, just getting the word out on what a great product we have to offer and how it will guide people toward being part of a global network of liberty-minded individuals.

CT: What roles do you see national governments trying to assume within crypto-currency economies?

JT: They obviously want control, but it is rather amazing how this is taking place. They cant decide if it is property, currency, math, a terrorist tool, or another chance to channel funds to politicians. Its all been rather amusing. The apparatus of the nation state is not prepared for something like this. States are uniquely suited toward managing (however poorly) the physical world; the digital world, not so much.

CT: In your latest article on Liberty.me about the peer-to-peer economy, you note how Thomas Jefferson and others of his time believed agriculture was a powerful counter to the centralization of government. But, as you said, most people dont want to be farmers. Could a similar fallacy be lurking behind our excitement for crypto-currencies and decentralization? Is it possible that the majority of people would simply rather let the state worry about the value and supply of their money?

JT: That is very possible but in the same way that people once thought it was fine to let the state deliver their mail, keep limits on television channels, own and control our telephones and keep them bound to the wall, and provide for our security needs.

Its the job of entrepreneurs to reveal how life can be better. Entrepreneurs shake people from their stupor and show them a better life. It is up to people finally to embrace it. It took 20 years for email to go from obscure to ubiquitous. The world is moving at a much fast pace now. It wont take that long with crypto-currency.


Jeffrey is the executive editor of the Laissez Faire Club and Laissez Faire Books, Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education, and Research Fellow of the Action Institute. 

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