Leafing through offline or scrolling down online magazines, skimming the regular articles on Bitcoin-related news, one might often notice the authors mentioning the primary principles of the virtual asset making it an attractive alternative to fiat currencies or online payment systems. It is hard to list these advantages without browsing the web for well-prepared explanations, keeping in mind the thought that the acquired information is one-sided. The digital geeks, nerds and hackers have to ask the society to draw any conclusions or perspectives on the Bitcoin.

Let us express it in simple words – the masses have to decide.

Today the Cointelegraph decided to sum up the key features distinguishing the Bitcoin for other currencies and to evaluate the pros and cons from the point of view of common money users – housewives providing comfort to their families, children spending pocket money, retired people planning their pension spending. Actually, they are the basic purchasers and spenders observed in supermarkets, malls and small local shops.

#1 Saving up / Economy

In the modern world the capability to reduce expenses might become the most crucial factor that might attract numerous individuals willing to use a method or matter of exchange. It is reasonable, as long as every of us understands how hard is to earn a living.

Bitcoin advantages: No transaction fees, taxes, possibility of returns for both merchants and purchasers. The gained value might be divided between both parties to enlarge the attractiveness of the asset and deal. Just keep in mind in addition the presence of special offers for Bitcoin users that get bigger in number and in duration since more users enter the system.

Bitcoin disadvantages: Imagine the conversation with the board in an industrial or commerce enterprise. How easy is to convince the members to switch to Bitcoin to get profit without guarantees expressed on paper or ensured by officials? Observing the level of everyday groceries and purchases, many buyers get used to shops and names they regularly go to. A palpable discount at the mall is even more attractive than the online offer.