The Two “Sides” of Drug Coins

Two fresh altcoins have arrived at the scene. While being related in wider terms, PotCoin and DopeCoin are different technologically and, what is more important, ideologically.



The PotCoin is designed to be used as trading medium for legal marijuana. Be it recreational or medical, as long as it is not in direct violation of the law, PotCoin is the way to go.

The developers of this coin are really ambitious about what they are doing as they anticipate it will be accepted not only in the US, where 20 states have legalized cannabis for medical use (Washington and Colorado legalized recreational use as well), but also in places like Amsterdam, which is famous for its coffeeshops.

For PotCoin to be transparent enough to discourage people from using it to buy or sell illegal drugs, developers are making a database for the community of cannabis sellers to allow tying buyers to accounts. This should lower the anonymity of the customer and therefore deny them opportunity to use PotCoin for shady dealings.

However, the creators of the “legal” drug coin do not have any illusions regarding the possible use of their cryptocurrency but in case of misuse, their cooperation (in their own words) will be swift.