Personal Details

Thomas Bertani, born 1991, currently living in the Venice area, Italy


Studying information engineering at the University of Padua

Professional experience and achievement

For eight year, Thomas has contributed to different open source projects in the fields of parallel computing, embedded systems and telecommunications. After discovering Bitcoin, he applied his skills by working at different Bitcoin companies.

In August 2013, he founded Bitboat, which in just a few months became the largest Italian exchange of its kind (it is also a virtual company active on the The Rock Trading exchange) and is now expanding abroad into other European countries.


Bitcoin, crypto, decentralization, embedded systems, parallel computing

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Thomas first heard about Bitcoin in mid-2012 and became fascinated by the concept.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Shortly after discovering Bitcoin, Thomas started organizing what is now the oldest and largest Bitcoin monthly meetup in Italy. In the last year, he has worked for The Rock Trading exchange and Cointerra Inc. He is still involved in many Bitcoin-related projects, but Bitboat is now his focus.